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Aug 20

Sports Bra Guide

If you are a woman who likes to run and love sports in everyday life, then a high-quality bra is an indispensable tool.

Sports Bra Guide 

Why You Need a Sports Bra?


Your breasts need special support during exercise. Your breasts can bounce up and down up to 10cms if unsupported during exercise and once they stretch from the resulting stress they can’t be restored naturally. There’s no going back. So It’s not just a question of minimizing breast discomfort but preventing sag too.



What Are Common Mistakes When Buying a Sports Bra?


A common mistake is buying a sport-style crop top that is not supportive enough. They are great layering pieces but it is super important to wear a sports bra that is appropriate for the level of impact as breast tissues may become damaged due to wearing the wrong style of a sports bra.



How Often Should You Replace a Sports Bra?


With all lingerie, with regular wear, most pieces should be replaced after six months or so. The elastane and fabric will start to deteriorate with regular washing and wear. It is important to keep checking you are wearing the correct size, especially if your weight changes.