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Jun 09

Tips for choosing underwear

Tips for choosing underwear

1.Fabric: The elasticity of the underwear fabric is better, the sweat absorption and breathability function is good, and the front crotch is cut three-dimensionally;

2. Purchase: No need to be shy, inquire with the store clerk; pay attention to check, such as whether the line of the key part is smooth;

3. Style: People with too thick or thin legs should not wear boxers; those with very thick legs can choose full-height panties or half-height panties with edging;

4. Color: The color of the underwear should generally be consistent with the trousers;

5. Rest at home: you should consider wearing loose flat pants to let the baby who is restrained on weekdays shake freely.

6. Summer: When wearing thin trousers, it is best to wear thongs to avoid the hips being marked by briefs, and also to avoid unconsciously touching the lines pressed on the hips;

7. Washing: The wear of men's underwear is mainly friction between the key parts and the zipper of the pants to avoid being soaked with washing powder for a long time;

8. Business travel: It is best to pick up those underwear that is provocative or easy to reveal personality. White ordinary underwear or disposable paper or cotton underwear is the best choice.

9. Driving: Although cotton underwear absorbs sweat, it is not easy to dry, especially for men who often drive and sweaty, in order to avoid the feeling of stickiness, they can choose to use quick-drying modal or Korean silk fabrics.

10. Sports: It is best not to wear underwear. You can also choose sports-specific underwear, which is supported by a three-dimensionally cut triangular cup in important parts, and the left and right sides have loose tendons to support the hips.