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Aug 30

All kinds of Sports Socks

Compared with ordinary socks, sports socks use thicker yarns and more roots (sports socks are usually woven with 16s or 21s). Sports socks have the characteristics of thick texture, strong wear resistance, and better moisture wicking than ordinary socks.

Wear different sports shoes when performing different sports. Similarly, socks need to match. Wearing appropriate sports socks during exercise will also reduce sports injuries. The following are some of the sports socks that are now more popular.

All kinds of Sports Socks

Running socks

Running socks are best to choose low waist, socks are below the ankle, and also have the following three characteristics: First, good breathability; Second, flexible; Third, anti-slip.

Hiking socks

It is recommended to choose medium stockings for hiking socks. The length of the socks is best to reach above the ankles to prevent the ankles from being injured during outdoor activities. If you are outdoors during the rainy season, it is recommended not to wear 100% cotton socks. Because the cotton fiber has poor wettability, the socks will dry very slowly.

Soccer socks

Soccer socks are recommended with stockings above the knee, which is best to protect the knee from outside forces in the sport.

Ski socks

Ski socks are recommended to choose stockings, socks length is matched with the length of the boots; warmth, but not too thick, to ensure flexibility of movement.